Winter Blues? Why January is the Perfect Time to Travel!

January – is there a more boring month? There’s no special occasions to think about, the weather is usually something rainy and cold, and you’ve got no money left after Christmas. Probably the last thing you’re thinking about is traveling.

But hear me out; January is the best time to satisfy your wanderlust! You heard me. Dreary January is the best time to book that city break or week away, and here’s why.

Traveling is so Cheap is January!

Christmas is finished, and you’re partied out after New Year. Barely anyone goes away in January. And because of that, hotels will lower their prices in order to fill as many rooms as possible. Pair that with January sales, and you’ve got 3 nights in a luxury hotel room for less than the price of one night at peak season. Check out travel sites such as or expedia which have flights options and grab yourself a bargain trip away!

Budapest Royal Palace

Off-Season = Less People

I hate tourists. It’s the majority of the reason I don’t like going to London. So traveling in January is the perfect chance to see all the hotspots without a group of fellow tourists shoving you out of the way to get a better view or whacking you over the head with a selfie stick. Attractions and tourist hotspots tend to cost less off-season as well.

So overall it’s win-win!

Winter Sun is Always Good!

Getting holiday time from work in January is easy, as barely anyone takes it off. Low prices and an easy chance to get time off work means it could be a great shout to take that trip of a lifetime across the world, or at least in a warmer climate. And with limited sunlight hours, it does wonders to get a little extra in another country. Soak up some sun, culture and have a great time!

In my opinion, the first few weekends after New Year are the best time to book a City Break. I did Budapest in January 3 years ago and never had to deal with large crowds, and the weather was even a little warmer than the UK when the sun peeked out. 2 years ago I saw Edinburgh, and definitely preferred it in winter than in summer when it was heaving with crowds. The chance to see the Scottish Crown Jewels without getting rushed through by the people behind you is definitely in January!

And this year I’m heading to Paris in January. Though I’m sure they’ll still be crowds, it’ll be less than if we went in summer. And we got a great deal (cheers Wowcher!). I can’t wait!

Do you love to travel in January? Or are you definitely more of a summer traveler? Let me know in the comments!

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