Why I’m Taking the Beauty out of this Blog!

Wait, WHAT?

That’s right, having spent the last 7 months creating and perfecting my own beauty blog, in recent days I’ve had a few thoughts on the brain and made a big decision – I no longer want to be a beauty blogger.

Let me explain – I still want to blog. The blogging community has been so welcoming and I’ve made too many good friends to drop this! But as far as hobbies go, I’ve found some aspects fun, and some aspects a drain on my energy.

When it comes to post engagement, my opinions get a lot more traction than my beauty posts, and they are a lot more fun to write. Trying to keep to a posting schedule has conflicted with my real life, and to be honest, trying to keep content fresh means spending a lot of money. It’s not a sustainable hobby to be pumping money into, and I need to take a step back and assess what’s important to me, personally.

In recent weeks, I’ve lost my passion for beauty blogging. New products have piled up and not been used, despite me photographing them. I’ve struggled to keep up with trends and have found that most of my beauty posts get seriously low engagement. I have tried to move towards promoting small brands and seriously niching this blog, but I have barely had the drive to do it.

And the most important reason of all? I’m tired of being know in the real, offline world as the girl-with-a-makeup-blog. I’m introduced almost immediately to the girls of a mutual friend as the girl with the beauty blog and most of them smile politely, ask me about a product, and then turn away. Whilst some people are perfectly content to be known as such a thing, my blog is a hobby and a passion project and I don’t want it to be all I’m known as.

My dream career was never to be involved in some sort of beauty industry. I’m more passionate about climate change, marine mammals and oceanic conservation than I’ll ever be about a beauty product, and there’s 1000 other people with a beauty blog that have so much passion for it, it puts me to shame. But recently, whilst doing my volunteer job and loving every minute, I was answering a lot of questions about my field and realising that my passion really lay there. I’m a Wildlife Officer for a marine conservation charity, and as people kept telling me how nice it was to have an expert on board to field questions off of, I felt genuine pride in myself. I’m moving into the final year of my marine biology degree, and it’s been the biggest challenge of my life. I’ve never slowed down, I’ve never cut down on something I didn’t find interesting, I’ve thrown myself into every opportunity this degree has thrown at me. Sure, I’ve never enjoyed statistics and to be honest, pathology is not my thing, and I definitely took a module this semester that had nothing to do with my subject but had no exam, but I’ve tried my hardest at everything. That’s passion. I’ve never had as much dedication to my blog.

And as I realise the end of my university career is in sight, I don’t want to apply for jobs and have people ask me about a beauty blog when it’s just not relevant. The posts I’ve written will remain, but I’ll remove them as the focus of this blog. As I venture forward, I want to write more about being a woman in science and what that entails. As far as sexism goes, in this field it’s rampant, and despite being known as ‘feminine’ because more women opt into studying it than men, men still dominate the field. If my posts inspire just one woman to take up the mantle of biology or another STEM subject, I’ll know I’ve done something worthwhile with my life.

So it’s goodbye beauty, I’m leaving that to the women who are a damn site better at it than me! Hello science – I’m ready to give you my full attention now!

Rachel xxx

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  1. July 15, 2017 / 3:41 pm

    My seven year old wants to be a marine biologist, she has a passion for cetaceans (I had to ask her what that meant!) so I’ll be looking out for your tips in future posts. She may change her mind of course but it’s been her focus for the last two years so fingers crossed Good luck with the new blog direction, I’ll definitely still be following you!

    • July 15, 2017 / 4:03 pm

      I got the cetacean bug when I was 9 so hopefully she’ll see it through! If you get a chance you should definitely take her to the Scottish dolphin centre at Spey Bay! There’s so much interesting stuff there and she’d love it!

      • July 15, 2017 / 5:22 pm

        Thank you – we’ve got friends who live in Dundee so that might be a possibility ?

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