The Tanning Diary: St. Moriz Fast Tan

Another day, another fake tanner. It seems all I’m testing right now are fake tans. I won a pile of them in a giveaway, and so I’ve been exploring the possibilities! I’m a big fan of tinted mousses, and I’ve had some great experiences with them (see my comparison of Skinny tan and Solait here). Toady, I reached for the last express/fast tan in my collection, the St/ Moriz Fast Tan!

St. Moriz has been a brand I’ve known about for years. The very first tanning mousse I used was by them and I loved the tinted formula, along with the tan correcting wipes I bought with it. It was the first time I’d ever achieved an (almost) streak free tan. I was intrigued by this product. Having used mousses for an express tan, I couldn’t wait to see how a spray alternative would work. I’ve always loved tanning sprays, as they make it a breeze to tan those hard to reach areas. So I’m sad to express my utter disappointment with this product!

Firstly, the formula. I was expecting a fine mist and was stunned when a deep tint came out of the spray nozzle. You are instructed to spray it and then rub it in with a mitt. Not a bad idea, but this tan dries so quickly it’s impossible to fully spread. Application was certainly quicker than a mousse, but less accurate and left me covered in streaks! It advises you wash it off after 1 hour, not using soap, but all of the streaks that came about from it just not spreading or blending means I’ll be scrubbing this product right off, and using my mousses instead.

It’s a quick post on this one; it’s a nice idea on paper, but sadly, just didn’t work for me!

Here are some various pictures of my streaks. The majority of them came when some rather large droplets came out of the spray nozzle before the finer mist could get out. These splashes just wouldn’t budge!

The last thing to add is that the development of this tan is pretty slow. After 1 hour, my tan was pale and patchy. The only benefit it has is that it’s an olive toned tan, and goes on brown rather than orange.

So, do I recommend this product? No. I won’t be using this again, and I was pretty glad this came as a giveaway prize, because I feel less bad throwing it away than I would if I’d paid for it.

I understand spray tans can be a personal preference, but I wasn’t impressed by this product at all! After one hour, I was back in the shower scrubbing it off!

What are preferences? Spray tans or something else?

Rachel xxx

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  1. June 20, 2017 / 9:41 am

    Eww :\ glad for you that you didn’t pay for it!!!

    Caterina |

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