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Disclaimer: This post contains products gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

What to you means home? A comfortable place that you can kick back and be yourself? To me, home is the place I can change into my pajamas, watch Netflix, and relax. It’s also the place that a small fluffy menace tears up regularly. And it’s also the place that a litter box regularly gets filled and emptied. And there’s nothing worse than a home that just doesn’t smell right.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the lovely Sara, owner of Rituals Home. Rituals Home is a small brand that focuses on creating holistic aromatherapy blends, carefully selected for certain moods and states. Sara uses her knowledge and practice of holistic therapies and beauty, and some expert blenders, to form products which not only smell incredible, but also are natural and cruelty free. All of her products are organic, vegan, eco-friendly and made from ingredients sourced sustainably. Honestly, you can’t go wrong! Even her packaging is all recycled!

So, onto the products. I was sent 3 things to test out – A jar candle, a soy wax melt, and a room and pillow spray. First impressions pulling these things out of the box; I was instantly obsessed! Everything smelt so good! I felt like I was lifting a miniature spa out of a box. Even Peggy jumped right in and started sniffing everything (although she was probably more interested in the box…).

The jar candle has the scent “Inspiration” – a blend of sweet orange, neroli, lavender, lavendin and rosemary. This fragrant blend of florals and herbs is blended to help focus your mind and sharpen your senses. I’ve not yet had a chance to light it whilst studying, but thought it would be great with the run up to the end of term and exams coming up soon. I doubt it’ll last until revision time – I’m always burning this! It smells amazing, burns cleanly, and can be put out super safely by just popping the lid back on. The scent is honestly amazing. At first, I thought it was a little weak, because I couldn’t smell it filling the room. When I left the room and came back in, I finally realised how effective the smell was. I was so relaxed and felt so at home with this burning, it didn’t jump on my sense of smell and smoother it. Rather, it settled into the room and heightened the atmosphere. I’ve never had a candle do that before!

A bonus of the candles is they can also be multi-used. Just put out the flame, let the wax cool for a moment, and then pour it out and rub into your skin for an effective and moisturising massage oil. I haven’t actually gotten around to trying this yet, but it sounds so good! I’ll update you when I finally remember when putting out the candle…

The “Relaxing” room spray is scented with a blend of geranium, sweet orange, lavender, lavandin and ylang ylang, and smells incredible. It’s a little sweeter, but also stronger, than the Inspiration blend. The room sprays also last a lot longer than the candles – I spray this obsessively into every room in my house and I’ve barely cleared the top of the bottle. Spritzing this on my pillow before bed works wonders to calm my over-active brain and settle me into a relaxing sleep. I use it so much, even the cat is starting to smell like it. Seeing as she usually smells like cat litter and the boyfriend’s hand cream, I’m not unhappy about that!

This can also be sprayed on upholstery and bedding, and retains the scent on fabrics for days. In rooms, it works much like the candle – lingering in the air but settling as well, creating a perfect environment to just enjoy your evening. I particularly love using this scent in my bedroom as part of my night-time routine, just to get me ready to sleep. It really does what it says on the tin – it’s so relaxing!

I was also sent a Limeleaf and Ginger Wax Melt, with a bonus oil burner and some tealights to use it on. Whilst I was first emailing Sara, planning this post and discussing what she should send me to review, I was actually cooking with both ingredients and thought this would be a scent much like my Thai soup – heavy on the ginger, chili undertones, very fragrant, and a little on the savory side. I was pleasantly surprised that this actually smells so sweet! It’s by far the lightest of the scent combinations, but still very fragrant. If you love sweet scents, and aren’t so big on the herbal scents, then this is perfect for you. It’s primarily a citrus scent, with a little spicy undertone. It’s the perfect scent for the Spring season we are apparently approaching (no seriously, why is it snowing again?). It also comes in candle and reed diffuser form!

The melt itself is huge, but you only have to use 1 quarter to 1 half of the product at a time. You place it in the top of the oil burner, and let it melt to release the gorgeous fragrance This product definitely fills the room with a fragrance that you can notice, but still a subtle enough one to not be overpowering. It’s definitely my boyfriend’s favourite. Once the wax stops producing fragrance, you simply need to light a candle under it to let the bottom melt, pop it out, and replace with the next melt.

So would I buy these products again? ABSOLUTELY! Not that I’ll need to replace the wax melt or room spray any time soon. But I’m already eyeing up more candles to use once I’ve burned through my one. My living room smells like a spa all the time now, and I’m just so relaxed! I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever used candles that smell this nice, or are such good value for money! I’m so excited to try out some other scents.

If you want to grab some of your own, you can check out the Rituals Home Etsy shop here.

I cannot recommend these products enough, or Sara and her brand in general. She’s genuinely the loveliest person in the world, cares so deeply about creating her amazing products, and has perfected her brand in the most eco-friendly way. She also has 2 cats so, ya know, it’s a yes from me. Check her out on Instagram (and most importantly watch the video of her 2 cats running around in the snow – it’s the cutest thing ever!)


Update: This post has been updated following clarification with and at request of the brand creator. These products relate to the formation and use of the products only, and my original thoughts have not been altered.

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