The Dissertation Blog – Week 2

Happy Monday, and happy “Dissertation Plan Due Date”! Today the plan I’ve spent the past two weeks, ahem, “working” on is prepped, polished and ready to go into that Turnitin link. As soon as Tom proof reads it and assures me it’s not as terrible as I think it is.

How in 1200 words (which I initially thought was 2200, cue one hell of a word cut-down!) can you explain an entire research proposal, including background, hypothesis and actual plan of action?! I can’t help but feel I sound like a five year old reeling off seal facts. And hey, why doesn’t anyone just publish fun animal facts? I need to reference basic seal biology but can I find it anywhere in a peer-reviewed journal unless you want to get crazy technical? No, no I can’t. Thank you IUCN for being the one website I can still use as a credible source!

Dissertation fever has truly hit this household; Tom is also in the last week of writing up his master’s thesis and the panic is very much setting in. I miss having a boyfriend bugging me in the evening! To be fair, he still comes in and bugs me, but I miss the varied conversations that aren’t just about PR strategies…

In other tidings, my second assessment, my honours essay (not the thesis part of the dissertation, a whole separate essay I have to write alongside it!) has officially started. Should we start a captive breeding program for the vaquita? That’s what I’m going to discuss! Off to a great start already – I was supposed to arrange a meeting with my essay supervisor this week to speak about my plans. I’m sure that would be a lot easier to arrange if he didn’t ignore my emails… Well then. Complaints to the course coordinator along the “It’s not fair!!“. Because it’s not. But that’s another rant!

For those of you wondering, the Vaquita is the world’s most endangered cetacean. It’s a small porpoise found off the Mexican coast, and desperate attempts are now being made to help save it’s population. Source – WWF.

On the Sub Aqua front, things are going well. Although there has been more minibus drama. Following last week’s “We’ll give you a key expect we won’t” drama, the woman responsible actually left her job, meaning the poor girl replacing her was greeted by my angry email landing in her inbox demanding to know why this had happened and what the next steps were to secure minibus hire for the whole term. My training officer took over, thankfully, and managed to sort it with the only issue being no guarantee of a bus that week. Fabulous. I was asked to bring over my car just in case and make a few trips, but found out on Thursday that yes, we are getting a minibus! Yaaaay!

And then that was swiftly followed by them asking me if I could drive it, as I was the only one available that could…

It was a slow journey – I’ve never driven anything that big before. Minibuses are long! Thankfully I didn’t have far to go and my poor friend in the passenger seat only had to listen to 5 minutes of me shrieking, well until I had to go and back the thing up to the pool door, which is a tight squeeze! No injuries or damage to the van later, and we were good to go!

The try dive’s this year have been so successful! Everyone’s paid up for them, we’ve had some great potential trainees coming through, and some lovely, relaxing pub sessions afterwards. On the scuba diving front, I’ve also booked onto this year’s Instructor Foundation Course, meaning I’ll be officially qualified to instruct in the pool! #Goals!

And on a more lighthearted note, my week ended with me taking a well deserved break and playing the Sims. Expect it wasn’t relaxing – my game

and started lighting continuous fires! Seriously – every time I managed to get one out another spontaneously started. Hilarious for 5 minutes, then extremely annoying! For anyone who gets this glitch – save the game in the split second between fires, and then quit to the main menu and reload your game. Glitch (hopefully) gone. I realise your life is no better for knowing this, but honestly it’s still stressing me out!

The real work starts now! Statistical analysis is a go, along with lots of research into why we shouldn’t put marine mammals in tanks!

Rachel xxx

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