Summer Plans and Embracing my Post University Freedom

Ah, summer. One thing all my friends who are no longer students tell me each summer is how jealous they are of me not having to work all through it. Don’t get me wrong – been there, done that, and last summer didn’t even get paid for it! But this year is my last summer before I’ll have to enter the adult world, and so I’m embracing it!

This summer will be busy, including preparations to move to a whole new place for a whole new degree. So I thought it would be a good reminder to myself to write down everything I have planned, for a little springboard of excitement, and a little preview of incoming content to my blog in the next couple of months.

My primary summer plan is dedication and commitment to this blog. In November last year, following a massive slump over the summer, I committed myself to posting three times a week. During the last term of uni, that slipped as my workload picked up and I had to put that ahead of my blog. My blog, despite all of that, picked up. I’ve been so lucky with the opportunities I’ve been given. Sadly, it’s tilted my motivation. I was only writing posts if I had to, for a brand collaboration or after an event. So it’s time to get back into writing for me. Enjoying it. Setting deadlines I keep because I can’t wait to sit down and write. Even if I’m not planning. Even it means not keeping to a subject schedule and just posting whatever comes to mind at the time. It’s fine. It just needs to come from me.

My next goal is to start actually vlogging. I’ve been so inspired by some amazing YouTube creators recently, and noting down ideas. I also bought a camcorder recently (old school, I know). I really enjoy editing and seeing the end result of the creation, even if I feel awkward filming it. Writing a blog lets your readers do some of the work, by letting them be the voice. Creating videos, featuring me and the voice many have said is my best asset (I don’t get it but okay) is a little more nerve wracking. But I do want to get into that. So that’s another plan.

My non-creative plans involve 2 holidays. Tom and I are off to the Isle of Skye tomorrow for a week! Exciting times! Since we got together, we’ve really wanted a cottage break in the Highlands. We booked one quite early in our relationship, but had to cancel when we realised we couldn’t do the dates and settled for a weekend in Oban instead. We’ve had our eyes on Mallaig for a while, as a good base for exploring the Western Highlands. When I chose some random dates and tapped them and Mallaig into a cottage rental site, 1 property came up, on the Isle of Skye instead of Mallaig. But it was stunning, and perfect for us. So we booked it. I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks! And can’t wait to bring back the hiking and photography section of my blog with the content I’ll get from this!

My next holiday is a big one with my family, including 5 days in Disneyland Paris and a week in a big house on the Welsh border. The best part about this is it’s a big family trip – me and Tom, my mum and dad, and my sister and her family. We haven’t had a big, family holiday like this since my sister and her husband were two children lighter and I was still with my ex. I’m so excited to induct Tom into our family holiday traditions of lots of exploring, drinking, BBQ’s, and competitive card games! Also, Disneyland! I’ve not been for years and I’m so excited to go back, especially as Tom has never been!

In June, I graduate. I’ve had my outfit planned for months and although I don’t know what I’m graduating with yet, grade-wise, it’s an exciting time. It’s the end of an era, and the end of one the most difficult yet fulfilling and rewarding chapters of my life. I’m excited, but also a little sad that I may not see a lot of the people I’ve seen every day for the past 4 years again after that.

In July, it’s my birthday! I have no plans as of yet (to be fair, I’m not one for a big birthday celebration any more), but Tom always spoils me so I’m sure I’ll have a great day either way!

And at the beginning of September, I’ll mark the end of summer by moving away from Aberdeen and heading to Orkney. I now have my accommodation confirmed and will be studying a different masters degree than previously stated. But still! It’s exciting, and onwards and upwards from here!

I hope you have some awesome summer plans too!


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