Small Brand Spotlight: Indy Luxe

So, this blog is over 6 months old! I know, still a baby in the scheme of things, but hey ho, I’m proud I’ve lasted this long. More recently, I’ve decided to get this blog into a little more of it’s own niche. My favourite posts to write usually involve small brands, and I’ve decided that I want Word of Rachel to stop being just another beauty blog all about product reviews and start being more of a platform to promote small brands in the beauty industry!

With that in mind, I’m really excited to introduce the first in a series of new posts (and one I promise to stick to this time!) – the small brand spotlight!

First under the spotlight is the small, up and coming makeup brush brand Indy Luxe! If you follow as many bloggers as I do on social media, you’ve probably heard of Indy Luxe – their affiliate program is being promoted by a fair few bloggers! They’re responsible for creating some beautiful, Instagram worthy makeup brushes that are an absolute bargain! Being so blogger friendly, I thought they’d be the perfect first brand to feature under the spotlight. Thankfully, they agreed, so the new series is officially born!

How does the small brand spotlight work? I send a small brand a series of questions, which they answer honestly. This promotes the brains behind the brand, as well as their products. I personally love a brand with a personality behind it, and I’m sure you do too! So, what drives Indy Luxe? Read on to find out…

Indy Luxe Makeup Brushes, rainbow makeup brushes

What inspired you to start Indy Luxe?

I’m a huge beauty addict and felt that the majority of makeup brushes on the market were pretty dull and bland. I really wanted to bring something to the market that was fun and colourful and beyond Instagrammable.

Who is/are the brains behind the operation? Tell us a bit about yourselves?

All will be revealed in time 😉

What’s been the best part about launching and running Indy Luxe?

The response we have had has been amazing. I really couldn’t have asked for me. I love waking up to social media notifications of people sharing their images and how happy they are with their purchases.

And the hardest part?

There just isn’t enough time in the day sometimes.

What are your long term goals for Indy Luxe?

Indy Luxe has lots planned for the next year. We would love to be a well know name in the Beauty industry.

What inspires you to keep going?

Definitely the support from you guys. The messages of thanks we receive truly make it worthwhile.

And finally, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I’d love to see Indy Luxe being stocked in Boots or Superdrug along with some of the other top brands!

Indy Luxe Makeup Brushes, rainbow makeup brushes

So, it looks as though the creators behind Indy Luxe, have more than just some beautiful brushes on their brains! I see them popping up all over the place, so I’m sure they’re just at the beginning of a journey that I hope will be very successful!

Check out Indy Luxe and their gorgeous products here! You should also definitely follow them on Instagram!

I hope you enjoy the small brand spotlight! If you’re a brand who’d like to be featured, email me at!

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Disclaimer: All pictures in this post are the property of Indy Luxe – please do not reproduce. All views expressed are those of myself and of the brand Indy Luxe. All questions are answered by Indy Luxe and have not been altered or edited in any way.


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