Reviewing the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

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Tarte Shape Tape has enjoyed a cult status amongst the world of beauty for a very long time. It’s the most talked about concealer in the blogosphere. If you’re a blogger, and you haven’t poured over blog posts, Instagram pictures, or YouTube videos about this concealer, then where the hell have you been?

According to, well, everyone, Shape Tape is a concealer that will cover anything. Dark circles? Covered. Imperfections? Covered. Skin discolouration and dark spots? Covered. Angry red spots and emerging blackheads? You got it – covered. Honestly, with the amount of stuff this concealer could supposedly do, I was both enthralled and skeptical all in one go.

I have the deepest set, darkest coloured circles under my eyes. They are a lovely shade of blueish purple, and they pretty much sink into the hollow space under my eyes. Without 8 solid hours of sleep (rarely achieved thanks to my attention seeking cat…), I look like I’m about to die. I’m not even being dramatic – that’s how it looks! I’ve tried everything to cover them up. Cucumber slices, cool cloth treatments, under eye patches. All useless. Drugstore concealers lessened the colour a little, but did little to disguise them, and high end concealers blended the circles to a grey shade, making me look ill. The best concealer I’d found was the Nip+Fab Concealer, and even that took colour correction to fully cover my dark circles. I burned through that concealer like there was no tomorrow. So when Tarte had a boxing day sale, I finally justified popping some Shape Tape into my cart along with some other finds.

You can pretty much imagine what happened next. A few shots on Instagram later, I was slammed with the question, at least 5 times, “Does it work?”. And guess what?

Yes. Yes it does. And it’s amazing!

Don;t get me wrong, nothing is ever going to hide the weird shape of my under-eyes. But this stuff more than covers the dark circles, except on really bad days when Peggy keeps me up all night and I have to get to uni by 8am (and even then, it really tries!). It’s also the perfect shade for me! Us pale girls never get a break, and finding a concealer a shade lighter than our skin tone can be a battle when the palest shade is a shade too dark for us anyway. What’s a girl to do when she’s already the lightest shade in the Fenty Beauty Foundation range? Tarte Shape Tape’s palest shade is the first concealer I’ve used that is genuinely just that little bit lighter than my very English skin. So along with hiding my dark circles, it’s perfect for highlighting. Now, if Tarte could just open up their shade range to include Women of Colour, rather than just have 2 shades for darker skin tones, it would be perfect!

It covers everything, literally everything, from dark circles to angry red marks. It’s so thick as well, that it spreads out evenly, and you really only need a little to cover huge areas. It also holds true to the “no creases” thing – alongside the weird colouration I have a few fine lines under the eyes that suck concealer up, but not this stuff!

There’s also now a Shape Tape Foundation, in both matte or hydrating textures. I’ve got my eye on the Hydrating formula – roll on pay day/student loan day!

As I’ve mentioned above, my only gripe with the concealer is the shade range. As far as pale skin goes, this concealer gets it so right. So why can’t they do the same for girls that happen to have darker skin tones? The new foundations were recently called out, and rightly so, for only providing 2 shades that weren’t for white skin tones. As brands like Fenty Beauty bring out huge shade ranges for girls of every skin tone, taking into account undertones and warm and cool tones, there is no excuse to only bring out shade ranges for white skin tones under the excuse that they sell better. I love Tarte, and it’s whole ethos of having natural products that contain skin-loving ingredients. Wouldn’t it enhance your products to make them available to everyone?

Overall, I do recommend this concealer – it really does work and is fabulous at covering up imperfections. It lasts all day, and it doesn’t crease at all (unlike some “crease free” concealers I’ve used that last 5 minutes before creasing…). It is more than worth the hype, and I’ll be swallowing the sinking feeling of almost £30 coming out of my account to buy another when this one runs out. It’s perfect! It even made it into my January Favourites (so if you’re a regular reader here, you probably knew this positive review was coming!).

Oh, and if you didn’t already know, Tarte now covers customs costs for international shipping! So there’s never been a better time to order!

Have you tried Shape Tape? Or are you still trying to figure out if it’s worth the hype?


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