Review: XLS Nutrition Weight Loss Shakes

Disclaimer: This post contains a gifted item. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Weight loss shakes have always seemed to me like a strange concept. But then again, until recently I was pretty much always dangerously underweight. Until I met Tom, I was unhealthily thin. Rib cage sticking out, bony hips jutting out but not enough to fill the waistband of my size 8 jeans – you get the picture. But maybe 5 months into our relationship, I thought all my jeans had shrunk. Up until I put on a crop top one day and noticed that the flat stomach I’d always taken advantage of had somehow turned into a light bulge.

I’m still on the wagon of if you want to lose weight, nothing beats calorie counting, healthy meals, and lots of exercise to boost that metabolism. But with my move to Orkney impending, and a lot of my winter wardrobe no longer fitting, I needed a quick fix! So when XLS contacted me and offered me a sample of their weight loss shakes, I thought “why not?”.

XLS Weight Loss Shake on a counter surrounded by other nutrition products and healthy eating recipe books

These healthy weight loss shakes are high in protein and provide all of the nutrition of a full meal. One shake contains fewer than 250 calories and is packed with vitamins and nutrients, meaning you won’t feel sluggish if you skip lunch! It’s also suitable for vegetarians, gluten free and non-GMO.

To prepare, it recommends you mix 4 scoops of powder with 200ml of milk. You then mix, and drink. Easy!

An open packet of the XLS weight loss shake powder, with a filled scoop of powder shown

As I have a mild intolerance to dairy, I first opted to mix this product with oat milk. However, the texture and taste in this case was pretty dire. The shake felt grainy, and the oaty flavour of the milk did not mix well with the chocolate flavour of the powder. Bleugh!

The next time, I mixed it with semi-skimmed milk, as recommended. Although the flavour was slightly improved, the texture was not. This was still a very grainy shake. Overall, I struggled to drink a whole one. I think the flavour may be more of an acquired taste, like that of Lean Greens. But either way, I couldn’t get my tastebuds to agree. More often than not, I just couldn’t finish the shake!

A glass containing the completed mixed XLS weight loss shake

XLS do mention you can mix the powder into 200ml of water instead, and so I gave that a try. Finally, I found the shakes drinkable! The powder is very fine, so it dissolves better into water and is much less grainy. The flavour is also more balanced when mixed with water. It’s still not the nicest thing I’ve ever drunk, but it’s drinkable. Unfortunately, this does not constitute a full meal replacement, so is only recommended if you need to shift weight a bit more quickly, and will require you to eat a few healthy snacks alongside it.

But the big question is: did it work?

I don’t think I was able to fit enough use in to give a solid answer, but I did notice some weight coming off my stomach area. XLS included a nutrition plan which would have suited me better had I started this after I moved, but keen ol’ me in the corner here was just too excited to not crack this open! XLS recommend that for the first week of using this product, you replace all of your meals with the shake, and keep hunger pangs at bay with low calorie snacks, such as fruit.It then recommends that for the second week you replace two meals with the shakes, and introduce a healthy, balanced meal alongside low calorie snacks.

I think if I ever needed a quick weight loss fix, say before a holiday or big event, I’d happily buy this again. They also produce a strawberry and vanilla flavour, so perhaps I’ll get on better with those flavours. As with all weight loss plans, it’s important to incorporate exercise, and remember to continue eating healthily after the programs have finished in order to maintain that weight loss. For now, I’ll only need this to drop a couple of pounds so I can once again do up my waterproof trousers to face that Orkney weather! But it’s useful to know it’s available when I need it!

Have you ever tried a weight loss shake? Would you? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. September 17, 2018 / 7:28 pm

    Oh my goodness, I’m so glad you struggled with this too! Thank you for writing such an honest review.

    Naomi xo

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