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Disclaimer: This post contains a gifted product. All opinions shared are my own.

Hands up if you have super fine hair? Me too!

Until the age of 5, I had a scalp condition known as cradle cap. That meant that my genetically determined super thick, flowing hair never came into fruition (my mum and sister have so much hair it’s unreal!). Whilst I have a lot of hair, it’s super fine, struggles to grow, breaks off easily, and sits nice and flat on top of my head. I’ve tried every product under the sun to give it some bounce, to no avail. The only thing that works is clip in extensions, and those things are so uncomfortable I cannot go back.

Despite the fact that my hair has never responded to even salon products that are supposed to give me volumized, bouncy hair, I’m always trying to find a new product that just might work. My hair is poker straight, often gets greasy really quickly, and is now at the length where it constantly feels in the way. I need a shampoo that’s light, non oily, and sulphate free is always a bonus. So when Organic Shop sent me some products to try I jumped!

I was very kindly sent the Vibrant Raspberry and Acai range to try out, including a Volumising Shampoo, Volumising Conditioner, and a Deep Conditioning Mask. And all with perfect timing too – I’d just run out of shampoo!

The Raspberry and Acai range from Organic Shop contains vitamin C rich raspberry, to leave hair shiny, and vitamins A, E and B rich acai, to stengthen hair, leaving it bouncy and thicker in texture.

First impressions, I loved how these looked! The packaging is very sleek and to the point. The shampoos are 98% natural with no silicones or parabens. The shampoo is also sulphate free. The pump tops mean you can dispense the perfect amount into your hand with no product wasted, and the fact that’s it’s lockable makes it perfect for travel. Twisting off the lid of the shampoo, the scent immediately transported me back to the salon chair and that professional quality purifying shampoo they always use on my hair. As I was heading home for a week, I quickly chucked all 3 products into my suitcase to trial on my trip.

When I finally got around to washing my hair (I should say at this point my “Year of Me” has morphed into a year of “How Long Can I Go Between Hair Washes Before It’s Noticeable?”), I noticed my initial thoughts on the scent had changed. I don’t really know what acai smells like, but this shampoo has an ammonia underscent. However, it lathers up nicely, cleans my hair really well, and leaves it with a subtle scent of raspberry. Odd scent aside, it’s a pretty good shampoo! The conditioner is a great consistency, and upon rinsing, leaves my wet hair feeling nice and soft!

It’s also been around a year since I’ve used a deep conditioning mask – since my damaged, colour processed hair grew out I haven’t really needed one. But this one only needs a little to work, smells great, and leaves my hair noticeably softer and shinier!

When first testing this out, I travelled to the south of England for a week to visit my parents and did find my hair to be a lot drier than normal. I think this is most likely due to the water quality – the South has significantly harder water than the North. Going home always wreaks havoc on my hair. Since returning to Scotland I’ve had a much better feel for these products. It does seem to strip a lot of oil out of my hair, and as such I find myself needing to wash my hair much less often. This isn’t a bad thing – my greasy hair loves it!

But does it do what it claims? My hair is still pretty flat, but it definitely looks and feels a lot thicker! It’s in fantastic condition, smells great, and it much less greasy overall. The best bit – These products all cost just £2.50 each! I’ll definitely be rebuying once these run out (which will be a while thanks to that pump action! Even Tom can’t drain them as quickly as he usually does!).

So, do I recommend? Yes, definitely! These products are affordable, are all natural and leave your hair in fantastic condition. Their range is huge, so there’s a product for every hair type. And at £2.50 a bottle, if it’s not for you, you’ve really lost nothing. Honestly, there’s no reason not to try it!

Organic Shop Haircare is available in store at Tesco Supermarkets, and can also be purchased here.


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