Review: Manna Kadar Cosmetics GLO Illuminator

Let’s be honest – all a girl ever wants to do is glow! I’m a complete highlighter addict, and always looking for new products to help give me that ‘lit from within’ or ‘shimmering cheekbones’ look.

In the June Glossybox came this product: The Manna Kadar Cosmetics Glo Illuminator. I was really excited when this first came out of the box, and swatching it onto the back of my hand it gave a really pigmented rose-gold glow. I couldn’t wait to try it out properly!

Today I decided to give it a go, by mixing it into my foundation! Applying one pump of my foundation to my oval buffing brush, I carefully squeezed a generous amount of this illuminator on top and blended the mixture onto my face.

I don’t know if it was just me, but I was left feeling a little underwhelmed. My skin didn’t look any different to if I’d just applied my foundation as normal. I grabbed a smaller brush and began sweeping this product into my cheekbones. There was no golden sheen, as there had been on the back of my hand when I first tested it out. Instead, it removed the layer of foundation from my cheeks and left a streaky mess. Rubbing the streaks out, I moved on to doing the rest of my makeup.

My boyfriend told me I did look glowy, but having used a lightening powder and shimmery highlighter on my cheekbones over the top of where I’d applied extra product, I decided he wasn’t quite right in attributing it to the illuminator. I had such high hopes for what looked like a great product, but found myself reaching for my Sleek Distorted Dreams palette instead. I stand by what i said about it doing very little on its own. However, it does create a great base for another highlighter. Adding some shimmer, it really boosts the power of a standard highlighter and concentrates it into one spot. Finally, I can justify the $29 price tag (about £25) of this porduct!

The instructions on the packaging do say you can either use it alone or mixed in with foundation. I’ve found that mixing it into foundation doesn’t really do much. But this isn’t a totally dud review – I have found one upside. This always goes on under my highlighter now, and along with boosting it, makes it last all day!

Have you tried this product? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Rachel xxx

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