Primark Makeup Sponges – Does Budget Add Up?

Anyone else ever seriously overused their makeup products? I know I need to throw stuff out after the recommended time period. But I paid a lot of money for some stuff. Do I really need to fork out to replace it again?Makeup sponges are one of the worst things for me. I use them daily, and barely ever give them a proper wash and dry. A quick dampen, apply foundation, rinse off, leave out, re-dampen the next day before it fully dries. In the end, necessity became the only reason I threw out my last sponge (read, it really started to smell!). Needing a replacement, but not wanting to fork out £10 for a Beauty Blender in the middle of Christmas shopping, I picked up a £2.50 pack of 2 sponges from Primark.

Two pink makeup sponges on display. On the left hand side is a darker pink, egg shaped sponge. On the right is a lighter pink, more shaped sponge.

PS beauty by Primark has been making big waves in the beauty community, but as I’m trying to cut back on buying (and by extension wasting) new makeup, I’ve yet to try any of it. Whilst I do trust the reviews of my fellow micro-bloggers, I wasn’t holding up all my hopes on a couple of cheap sponges. But still, I wanted to give them a fair try.

First up in the packet is a darker pink sponge shaped like a traditional beauty blender. It’s made of sturdier sponge than the other one in the packet, which initially gave me some doubts about it’s blending effectiveness. When under the tap, it doubled in size nice and quickly and easily allowed excess water out with a quick squeeze. It dampens easily and retains it’s shape really well. When blending, it absorbs a little product, but not much, and blends out foundation and concealer to give a great layer of coverage. Any doubts I had were quickly kicked aside. As far as a cheap dupe to a cult product goes, this is pretty good!

The lighter, more shapely sponge sadly came with a few bumps and holes in it. My fault for not checking it properly when buying. The sponge is much softer than it’s counterpart, but this makes dampening it more difficult. It also doubles in size quickly, but not only fails to let out as much water when squeezing, but also distorts in shape and doesn’t spring back to it’s original form. It holds a lot more water than the other sponge in the pack, and therefore soaks up more product. It’s great for a more sheer coverage look, and still blends out really well, but isn’t as practical really.

The last thing I tested was baking capabilities. The first sponge adequately picked up loose power, which I could then easily pat onto my under eye area. The second sponge really came into it’s own though! As it held more water, it picked up a lot more powder, giving me way more to work with. The eye I used the second sponge for had fuller coverage, and the concealer underneath stayed put for longer. So, maybe the second sponge wasn’t a complete loss after all!

Overall, these sponges perform just as well as my old Beauty Blender, and I’d definitely buy them again! For just £2.50, you can’t go wrong! The first, darker, more traditionally shaped sponge is perfect for blending out liquids and easily dampens for better application. The second, more shapely sponge doesn’t dampen as well, but is great for getting a more sheer level of coverage and also for applying loose powder for under eye baking. Both of these sponges perform pretty well, and I think I’ve officially converted! Thanks, Primark!

Have you tried any Primark Beauty Products? Let me know in the comments!


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