New Camera! A Few Test Shots…

Things have been a little hectic for me recently, what with being out on my volunteer job, re-branding, trying to start a dissertation, planning a trip home and having a birthday. I’ve barely had time (or drive, really) to blog! But I’m happy to say I finally have a really good camera and a couple of awesome lenses and so I’m ready to get back into things, and bring you the content I want to bring you!

So, the camera. For my birthday, my parents sent me some money so I could choose my own camera and despite eyeing up an Olympus PEN E-PL8 for some time, I noticed that the Nikon entry level DSLRs were actually cheaper! After shopping around I decided on the Nikon D3300 – it came in a bundle with a standard lens and a zoom lens for just £425, so I couldn’t say no! It’s 24MP, has a guide mode built in and takes an awesome photo! And when the zoom lens is attached I look very professional, it’s amazing! I’ve been wanting a decent camera for wildlife photography for a while and I finally have it!

Nikon D3300

To be fair, the camera came on the 19th and I only had 15 minutes of taking pictures on the beach, so I can’t say I have heavy experience with it yet. But considering the camera alone is around £200 cheaper than the point-and-shoot I wanted, I’m really happy with it. Here’s a quick sample of the photographs I’ve gotten so far using both lenses:

Welcome to Aberdeen – Seagulls are a specialty!

I’m going to expand the blog now to include some photography – it’s a huge part of blogging anyway and now I have the camera I can pick it back up. I haven’t had a proper, professional looking camera since I was 14 doing my photography GCSE (which I got a D grade on, go figure…) and that was a film camera, so this is a major upgrade! I can’t wait to get some shots of seals that look like more than lumps on a beach…

I hope you like the pictures and don’t mind a little more photography spam!

Do you love photography too? What are your favourite things to photograph?

Rachel xxx

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