My First Bobbi Brown Order

Well, today got off to a great start… Having clearly decided alarms were for losers, I woke up when my only lecture of the day was just beginning. This has been after a couple of days where nothing in particular is wrong, but you just feel like taking to bed and staying there. But there has been some positivity; last week I made a Bobbi Brown order for the first time and today I finally picked it up from the post office! Since starting blogging I have signed up to every beauty company’s mailing list on the planet and the best thing about that is the welcome discount code you get! I’m not made of money, so I only made a small order to get my 15% off. Bobbi brown is a renowned professional brand, so whilst I cried at all the things I wanted but couldn’t afford, I narrowed it down to two items; the Build your own Brow Kit and the Nude Finish Tinted Moisturizer SPF15.

The Bobbi’s Brow kit is ‘Build-Your-Own’, and you get one brow product, one tool, one free sample and one bag to put them in. The last image are three free samples that got thrown in with my order. I was pretty happy at how much free stuff they throw in; I only paid for the brow gel, the brow brush and the tinted moisturizer.

Bobbi’s Brow Kit

My chosen products for this were Long-Wear Brow Gel in Saddle, the Dual Ended Brow-Spooly Brush, and a sample of the Hydrating Eye Cream. I’ve been getting more into my eyebrows lately as a facial feature, so I decided to get some upper-end products to treat them a little. The gel is a little lighter than the one I normally use (it’s hard to judge when you buy them online) but it should work fine with my very dark brows. The brush I chose as the only secondary product I thought I’d get use out of. I’d rather have opted for a gel and powder combo, but apparently it’s one or the other. I chose the eye cream as my free sample as I have some issues with dark under-eye circles, so thought this might help. The bag is really cute, and now houses all of my brow makeup. The card that comes with it is a voucher for a complementary Brow How Service at your local Bobbi Brown Store. I’m not sure if Aberdeen has one of those but I’ll definitely be booking one!

Nude Finish Tinted Moisturizer SPF15

I’m currently using e.l.f Oil Free SPF15 Sunscreen Flawless Finish Foundation, and although the coverage is great it can feel a bit heavy on my skin at times. As Spring is pushing it’s way around the corner, I’ve been looking for a lighter foundation use that still has the same level of protection. The Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer is a lighter colour than the e.l.f foundation, has less of a matte finish and doesn’t seem to go as far. However, it seems to be a good alternative for those days where I want a more natural finish.

Free Samples

My final free samples were the Skin Nourish Mask, the Smoky Eye Mascara and the Hydrating Face Cream. Whilst I’m happy with the mascara and face cream sizes, I’m a little disappointed in the mask size:

It’s so tiny that I doubt one use will even cover my face!

I have to say; I hope with all of these products a little goes a long way because this tiny order was worth over £70 before the discount, and some of the products are smaller than I was expecting. Also, I paid £26 for the brush, which is more than I’ll ever pay for a makeup brush again. It doesn’t seem any better than the angled liner brush I was using before and that cost me less than £5. Clearly, paying to have the brand name printed on the side is worth more than bristles…

But, I am hoping that these products will live up to expectation. The brow gel and tinted moisturizer were two of their best sellers. So hopefully I’ll be happy using them!


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