Making a House a Home with BoConcept (AD)

Home design is something I’m getting very into at the moment. I have boards on Pinterest dedicated to the future home I want, and I have fully planned out my kitchen in the house I eventually have, right down to the pantone shade I want my cupboards. Unfortunately, buying a home and being able to create the kitchen of my dreams is a long way off. But doesn’t mean I can’t have my home-furnishing dreams slightly realised, right?

I’m moving to Orkney in September, and whilst this is only for 8 months, I’ll be living in my first actual house, and I’ll be living alone. I’m there over winter, when it gets very dark, and feeling lonely is something I’m expecting. After all, I’ll be cat free, and only speaking to my boyfriend on Skype unless he can come and see me for a weekend. There’s little I can do to combat this, except for have lots of friends over, and rely on the fact it’s only temporary. I’m also focusing on the little things that will make a difference. And one of those things is the excitement of having my own space to decorate.

BoConcept is a Danish furniture chain, with furniture stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and many more south of the border.  It provides a wide range of furniture, such as sofas, chairs, tables, beds, storage options and home accessories. As you’d expect, everything fits the very fashionable Scandi furniture trend, being modern, sleek, urban, and made to fit into every home. There is something for every mood, to fit any space you want to fill. The brand clearly has passion behind it, and encourages the use of it’s in house interior designers to find something perfect for you.

BoConcept’s home accessories section is where I’ve been directing my search for the perfect little details to make me feel more at home in my little cottage in Orkney. I love the Scandinavian attention to detail, and so each piece creates a real talking point in any room.

As someone who always needs a candle burning, I love the selection of candle holders. This Dandelion Dot Candle Holder is so cute, and the perfect little detail for a living room. It takes up very little space, holding just a tea light, but with a very quirky dandelion clock pattern on it, that I think would just look amazing with the accompanying glow of a lit candle inside it.

BoConcept Dandelion Dot Tealight Candle Holder - home accessories

Photo: BoConcept

A little detail like this would just tie a room together, don’t you think?

I’m also the kind of person that needs a made bed to be a display. As my boyfriend says, a made bed pulls a bedroom together and makes it look that much tidier. I’ve been eyeing up this Silver Blossom Cushion. I love white bedspreads with a subtle pattern on it, and feel like this could add to the details of such a spread. It would also be the perfect focal point of a plain white bedspread.

BoConcept Silver Blossom Cushion - home accessories

Photo: BoConcept

A few of these would also look great on a plain coloured sofa of any colour.

When having guests over, I always freak out about not having the correct serving trays. Everything just looks better on a tray. So I’m loving the Manhattan Tray, which lets be honest would look best with a big wine cooler on it, a bottle of prosecco and lots of tall champagne flutes.

BoConcept Manhattan Tray - home accessories

Photo: BoConcept

I’d feel pretty good serving my guests anything on this!

Overall, BoConcept has a great selection, and I’d be more than happy to spend a little extra on it’s creations. Everything is so stylish, timeless, and would be used again and again. Whilst I’m eyeing up the smaller stuff now, I know I’ll come back to BoConcept when the time comes to start buying bigger things, when I finally own my own home!

Do you rate my design choices? What little items do you always need to make any house your home? Let me know in the comments!


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