Happy 2019 – My Plans

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed this blog has been pretty inactive for the last 3 months…

After starting my masters back in September, I’ve had to prioritise and sadly, this blog has gone on the backburner. As well as being snowed under with more than healthy doses of economic theory, climate change information, copious treaties and conventions (challenge me on the Paris Convention of 1992, I dare you!), and the only subject that has ever made me want to give up literally everything ever – oceanography, I hit rock bottom as far as blogging motivation was concerned. So I did what I had to do – I stopped blogging. I had zilch to write. And it wasn’t like I didn’t sit down and try. Even the slightest idea ended up as nothing more than a few words and an overwhelming sense of boredom. I kept thinking if I tried harder, the spark would come back. Although I’m writing this pretty happily, I’m still not sure whether it’s enough to keep it up. I love reading blogs and seeing updates and achievements from other bloggers, but for me, I just couldn’t continue.

Girl looking out over the sea, shot from behind

Going into 2019, I’m honestly not sure if I’ll continue blogging. I’m going to try to scatter in the odd update, but with a lot to do to reach my career goals, I doubt I’ll have time to go back to the three posts a week schedule I originally set myself. This blog used to be an outlet for such joy. But now, it just feels like a chore.

So, how am I going to move forward, going into 2019? In October, I’ll graduate with a masters and plan to get a job ASAP. I want to get into environmental consultancy, and have so little left to learn to qualify me for that job. Blogging needs to take a step back. But that doesn’t mean I want to step off of social media forever.

I plan to keep updating my instagram, but maybe not in as many posed shots as I used to. I have so many photos of Orkney I need to share. Along with some seriously amazing outfits I picked up over the last few months. I may put less effort into buying makeup now, but that doesn’t mean I’m not creating looks I want to share. I think it’s time to inject some more personality into my instagram, and stop trying to be another influencer. That’s not me, and it was never going to be.

I also plan to keep up with a few posts about masters life and my eventual career. I don’t have the biggest readership, but some of the keenest people I spoke to followed me for my marine biology expertise. I have definitely found myself, my preferences and my career goals within marine science. And I think some of the people that contacted me to tell me how much they loved reading about my experiences need to see the options I’ve made. Marine biology has so many options beyond dolphins, and I want people to see them. What I’ve chosen to do is so important, both to human development and the environment, and I think I have a responsibility to show those interested how.

The Ring of Brodgar, Orkney

Finally, I really want to start taking vlogging seriously, even if my internet connection in Orkney isn’t great. My boyfriend bought me a vlogging microphone for Christmas, and I just upgraded my phone, so I no longer need to use my camera which is bulky and not well adapted to taking video. I haven’t decided what kind of videos I’ll be shooting yet, but I have a few ideas. Watch this space…

I’m not setting myself any resolutions or strict goals for 2019. When I say this is my year, I mean it’s the year I put less pressure on myself. Future plans include graduation, getting a job, and a sweet field trip to Malaysia (more to come on that!). We start off with a romantic weekend in Edinburgh, and then back to Orkney for term 2. But don’t don’t expect too much from me – the masters comes first.

But I promise to take my camera out a little more often!


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