Getting Energized for Revision the Natural Way with Lean Greens

Disclaimer: This post contains a gifted item. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s Spring Break, and that means one thing!


Or, in my case, procrastination. But we’ll get to that another time!

When it comes to revision, there’s so much to consider. From what topics you need to study, to perfecting that revision playlist. There’s also whether you need to create a picture-perfect revision timetable, whether you have enough essential coloured pens, or whether you need to establish a balanced time studying/time breaking ratio. And, of course, you need snacks!

Back when I lived with fellow students, my flatmates would fill our shared kitchen with sweets, crisps and biscuits as soon as revision season came around. Functioning purely on sugar highs, their concentration would waver after a few hours and eventually, the panic would set in. Sugary snacks are the go to for most students. But we all know that’s a major health issue.

For me, I’m all about the healthy snacks. Fruit, water and healthy meals are my go to when it comes to food which boosts my brain power. And it works. Bite sized fruits, like berries, and those with slow-release sugars, like bananas, are perfect for keeping you focused. They provide vitamins to keep you in shape and energized, with sugars that won’t quickly run through your system, quickly boosting you before sending you crashing back down before you’ve written the name of your topic at the top of your page.

But when it comes to drinks, sometimes I need more than water. It’s so important to keep hydrated when studying to keep your brain functioning. But it does very little to boost your energy. I’m a caffeine fiend, but like sugar, the crash is real. I need something more natural to give me an energy boost. And the healthy drink I’ve been loving lately is Lean Greens.

If you’ve ever liked the idea of a green smoothie, but the thought of having to boil vegetables for breakfast and buy kale makes you die inside a little, Lean Greens Food Supplement is for you! It contains spinach, wheatgrass, broccoli, carrot, and more veggie goodness, all in an easy to prepare powder form. Once prepared, it delivers a firm boost of natural vitamins, with all the benefits of eating a plate of fresh vegetables, without the effort of preparing them.

To prepare your supplement, simply add 250ml of water to a shaker, add 3 slightly heaped teaspoons of the powder to the shaker, close the lid and shake. Then drink up! Easy!

But I suppose you’re really interested in the taste? It’s healthy, and it’s green, so that’s not going to taste good, right? Wrong. To be fair, I think this is probably a “marmite-situation” – you’ll either love the taste or hate it. At first sniff, I’ll admit rabbit food came to mind. But I took a deep breath and downed the whole thing. The actual mixed product tastes pretty good! All natural, nothing artificial, and just really refreshing. The aftertaste isn’t sour or filled with notes of synthetic powder, but very fresh. And almost instantly, I feel ready for the day.

Whilst I think this product has many uses, including being a great pre-workout drink, I personally love drinking it when I first wake up. It gives me a perfect boost, giving me positive vibes for the day ahead. The natural energy it gives me is much more stable than a caffeine boost. And my mind feels refined and ready to go! Perfect for sitting down and reading all about fish farms and coral reefs all day…

As I’ve said, I think this product has many uses, but it’s easily worked it’s way into my everyday life. It’s a quick fix, easier to drink than coffee, easy to prepare and a very natural energy drink. It’s odd for me to actually feel energy from anything expect several cups of string coffee, but I always feel energized after drinking this. And without the nasty crash that comes with caffeine!

So, if you need a revision boosting snack or drink, Lean Greens could be for you! They have several other varieties too! So there’s something for everyone!

Do you have a preferred revision snack? Are you about that sugar or does it need to be healthy? Let me know in the comments!


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