Getting Back into Studying After 6 Months – A Blogging Update

I was going to make an informative post but honestly; I’m exhausted! Both physically and emotionally. After 6 months of not having to attend a single lecture I’m back into it. Back into the standard routine. And guess what?

It’s hard!

Yes, standard millennial whinging about the cards they drew themselves. But still; having been able to relax mildly, go at my own pace, not leave the house and take a break whenever it got too hard over the last 3 months, and the 3 months of summer previously, getting back into studying with a structured routine has been a hard transition. On Monday I arrived back from Paris at 2am and, after just 5 hours of sleep, had to jump on a bus and go to my first lecture in over 7 months.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great to actually see and speak to people again, and not just the same 4 people that were in my honours project group (not that I minded because they are all amazing!). It’s nice to have conversations about something other than seals. It’s nice to start exploring things in class on a grander scale. But after just 2 days, my brain is overloaded. The intellectual load I’ve taken on is crushing after the independence of thesis writing. And whilst it’s not something I’m incapable of, it’s just a lot at once.

I suppose this post is just an update; a commentary on the last part of the uni experience. I only have 2 modules this half term, but they are fully coursework based and that is a lot of extra work, the pay off being no exam. I’m happy to take it. But with an assignment due for each, each week, and one of the modules also being at masters level, my free time for the next 6 weeks has basically been reduced to zero. I’m trying, and failing, not to sound moany. But in short:

I know this post helps no one, but I needed to both let off steam and actually put a blog post out this week. Despite all the planning, the weekly schedules and the new years plans to boost this blog, I’m being metaphorically steam rollered right now.

So please be patient with me. Once I’ve managed to re-adjust my internal rhythm and figure out a routine, I’ll fit some blogging into there. But for now I’m going to struggle (i.e. this is my only post for this week, because before I knew it, it was 3/4 of the way through Wednesday and 2 of this weeks posts hadn’t even been thought about, let alone written!).

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