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I mentioned last week, when reviewing my Skinny Tan Aftersun, that I had quite the collection of Skinny Tan products and wanted to do a roundup post, quickly highlighting and reviewing the products I have. So, today, I’m here to bring you that post!

I’m going to start off with “Why Skinny Tan?”. Yes, there are much more renowned fake tanning brands out there. But I always end up picking Skinny Tan. I pointed out in my first review of the brand, back when all I owned was the Express Mousse, that I loved the colour, scent and relatively streak free finish of that Skinny Tan Product. As I tried other brands, nothing looked as good or was as easy to apply as Skinny Tan. Eventually, I used up or threw out my other products, leaving only that one. And eventually, I expanded my collection – Skinny Tan by that point was by far my favourite fake tan brand!

Flatlay on a blue background of a selection of Skinny Tan Products: Skinny Tan Pre-Tan Primer; Skinny Tan Express Mousse 1 Hour Tan; Skinny Tan After Glow Gloss; Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist; and Skinny Tan Gradual Tan

All Skinny Tan products follow the same brand standard – no orange colour, no streaks, and a delicious coconut scent. All the products are catered to those with paler skin tones, and they also all contain guarana berries in order to promote skin firmness. They are also a cruelty free and vegan brand.

I became intrigued by the brand once again when I noticed they’d introduced a new product – the Coconut Water Tanning Mist. Skinny Tan regularly advertises product bundles, where two or three products come free, on their Facebook page. I bought one that contained the Coconut Water Tanning Mist, and also the Aftersun, the Gradual Tanner, the After Glow Gloss, and an exfoliating mitt. When the package arrived, I found that I’d not been sent the Gradual Tanner as promised, but instead been sent the Pre-Tan Primer. I sent off a quick email to Skinny Tan HQ, and despite a lengthly reply time they immediately sent me out a Gradual Tanner to make up for it. So, I ended up with more than I bargained for (and £30 for what ended up being 6 products was already a bargain!).

I’ve now tried out every product in my collection, and am never without a tan! Each product obviously works differently, and each one deserves it’s own review. But rather than scraping the barrel for content, I plan to review them all here!

First up, a general packaging review. I think you have to agree that Skinny Tan’s packaging is beautiful! Every product is adorned with a pastel striped design that is uniform to the brand (expect for the Express Mousse, which has black stripes). It’s super pretty and very effective. Each bottle of product comes boxed in a glossy cardboard box with the same pattern on it, and instructions on how to use each one can be found on both the bottle and the box. The bottle types are relatively uniform too, with most cream products coming in a screw-lid “paint tube” style bottle. I love these as they don’t leak product and are very easy to keep clean! The mousse comes in a standard pump bottle, and the mist in a standard spray bottle. I have a slight problem with the mousse pump, as it seem to leak a little product after a few uses. Not enough to fully discount the product though.

So now, on to the individual reviews!

Skinny Tan Pre-Tan Primer

Flatlay style image on a blue background of the Skinny Tan Pre-Tan Primer

The Pre-Tan Primer is a body scrub designed to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, allowing for a flawless, streak free application of your fake tan. When I first used this product, I wasn’t particularly impressed. I don’t really like using scrubs on my body, preferring to opt for glove mitts, as I feel like you can control those a little better. The product itself is quite a weak scrub, with very little in the way of beads of salts to give you a scrubbing action. It recommends you to use it in conjunction with the exfoliating mitt Skinny Tan also makes. The first time I used both products together, my skin was red raw and I decided I wouldn’t use these products again.

That was, until Tom threw out my usual glove mitts because they were old, stained, and smelly. Needing to exfoliate, and with leftover tan patchily arranged on my skin, I once again donned the Skinny Tan Exfoliating Mitt and Pre-Tan Primer. And I’m not joking, the leftover tan peeled off! I was seriously impressed with these products after that, and take the best care of my mitt now! I can’t use anything else to exoliate, and use it weekly now to scrub off any leftover tan before reapplying.

The only issues I have are that alone, the scrub does nothing. But having used it with both the Skinny Tan Exfoliating Mitt and my standard exfoliating glove mitts, it works well at increasing the scrubbing power and grip to the skin of these. I’m also not a fan of the smell – it’s a standard synthetic coconut smell, and it smells a bit more like play-doh if I’m completely honest!

So, would I buy this product again? Yes, 100 times over! I can’t do my pre-tan exfoliation with any other products! The smell is something I can get over. Used in conjunction with an exfoliating mitt, this product is great!

Skinny Tan Express Mousse 1 Hour Tan

I wrote a full review of this product a year ago, and you can read that here. I also reviewed it in comparison to a similar, cheaper product, which you can again read here. The basis of this tanning product is you apply it, let in sit for 1-3 hours depending on how dark you want your tan to look, and then rinse it off for a developed tan, in much less than the time you’d expect for a normal self-tanner.

I do want to update that first review though, as I only used it once before I wrote the review (bad blogger, I know!). In that review, I state that the product did streak, and that it only lightened my skin after washing it off. To update, this product takes a lot of effort to streak! I mean, you have to miss huge portions of your skin to get white patches, and building it up doesn’t seem to make a difference. So even if the guide colour looks patchy, it’s unlikely to be that way once you wash the tan off. Also, when I first started using this product, I’d wait 1 hour and then wash the tan off with shower gel. This is not how it should be done! The tan only needs to be rinsed off with water. This not only gives you a deeper colour to begin with, but also lets the colour keep developing for the next 6 hours, given you a lovely, golden glow after that time.

I apply this using the Skinny Tan Dual Sided Tanning Mitt, and leave it on for an hour. I then rinse it off in the shower, pat dry, and get dressed. The colour develops into a medium tan over the next 6 hours, and gives a beautiful olive brown shade once fully developed. If I want the tan deeper, I leave it on for 2 hours instead.

I do have issues with the “Express” claim of the product though. I usually exfoliate in the shower and then apply the tan afterwards, dry my hair, wait for the remaining time to pass and then hop back into the shower to wash it all off. The tan is then still pretty light until the full colour develops. And whilst it’s developing, I can’t get ready because I have to take another shower. So is it express? Not really, no. I tend to put it on the day before I have an event or want to be tanned. That way the colour has fully developed beforehand.

Despite those issues, this by far my favourite Skinny Tan product! The colour is beautiful, the finish is perfect, and it’s really easy to use. Would I buy it again? Every time! Skinny Tan reckons you’ll get a good 6 full body applications out of this product, but I’ve used the same bottle 10 times maybe by now, and still have half a bottle left. It lasts ages! So although I will buy it again, I think this bottle will last me until next summer!

Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist

The Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist is great for a quick tan that you want to develop on the go. It’s super easy to apply – spritz into one body part at a time, rub in the water (no guide colour though, so look for the glisten on your skin), let it dry for a minute, get dressed, and go! It’s really quick to apply, smells lovely, and develops into a golden colour that lovely and deep after just one application.

I have a couple of issues with this – one is the lack of guide colour. It does make it hard to see where you’ve applied tan and opens you up to more white patches. The tan is also buildable before it develops, and so I’ve had to rock the “one arm more tanned than the other” look when I ended up sticking more product on my left arm than my right. Because it’s difficult to see where you’ve applied it, it can make getting the perfect, streak-free tan that bit more difficult. And whilst it’s very easy to apply, you can’t see any mistakes or build up. And if you need to add an extra layer to build the colour up, the product clings to streaks and emphasises them.

You also are recommended to use your hands to rub this in. I think it may just be my hands, but I tend to have bright orange hands that I can’t get rid of after using this. I have tried coating my hands in body lotion and washing them after applying tan to each individual body part, but still always end up with hands more tanned than the rest of me. I’ve seen a few people suggest using a mitt, but apparently it doesn’t work as well. Either way, I need to give it a try.

Overall, I do like this product – it’s quick and easy to use and gives a lovely colour. However, it does take a few uses to really get used to the application, and I could do without the orange hands. I would buy this again – it’s a handy product. But it’s not my favourite.

Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner

The Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner is a moisturiser with a built in tanner. This means that with daily application, it softens skin and gradually builds up to your desired colour. It contains hydrating oils and acts to boost the health of your skin, whilst firming it up a little and giving you a golden glow.

I love this product – it makes my skin super soft and it’s so easy to build up to my desired colour. I recently took this on holiday and used it to fake my tan (I’m super pale and don’t tan on my own). I also use it over the top of my other products to boost the shade. It’s perfect for a quick fix and for daily use. For my pale skin, it only takes 2 days to build up to a natural looking glow, with the potential to go deeper if needed!

This is not what I would call a “daily tanning moisturiser” though. It does have the potential to go a bit orangey if overused. It’s also a very thick moisturiser and takes a lot of effort to rub in. The streak potential is higher in this product, and it requires more time to build up to your desired colour. If you want a more effortless tan, this is not a product for you.

But I love using this with the other products to boost the tan when a second application would be too dark. I’ll definitely be buying this again!

Skinny Tan After Glow Gloss

Flatlay style image on a blue background of the Skinny Tan After Glow Gloss

The Skinny Tan After Glow Gloss is a post-tanning moisturiser that aims to prolong your tan and give your skin a “model-like sheen”. Applied after your tan has developed, it compliments it and makes your skin look airbrushed, sheeny and flawless.

But I have to admit; I’m not a fan of this product. The product itself is a clear, gloopy substance, which is a little watery and very greasy. It essentially feels like rubbing leftover chip-pan oil onto your body. It does smell nice, but it leaks all over the place, and it doesn’t really absorb into your skin. The first time I applied it, I slathered on a really thick layer. I ended up having to run a towel all over myself to take off the excess and couldn’t sit down for the rest of the day. I just felt really greasy and disgusting!

When I use this now, I do so sparingly. A thin layer doesn’t really give me the “model-like sheen” the product promises, but it does make me smell like a tropical cocktail. I can’t tell if it boosts the tan really, and I don’t see it working any better than my favourite body moisturiser. Aside from the really pretty packaging, I can’t say many good things about this product. It’s okay, but not really necessary!

So personally, I wouldn’t buy this again unless it came in another bundle. Shame, because I was so excited to try this out!

Final Thoughts

I think that overall, Skinny Tan creates some pretty good products! They are still a pretty new brand, and not quite up there with the likes of St. Tropez or Fake Bake. But the vast majority of their products work really well! I love the Express Mousse and the Gradual Tanner, and think the Coconut Water Tanning Mist has really high potential if I can figure out the best way to apply it without staining my hands. The mitts are really effective, and help with flawless application. And I love that they have produced pre and post-tanning products to go alongside their range. The only product I didn’t get on with is the After Glow Gloss – I just don’t love the look and feel of the product. But 4 out of 5 isn’t bad!

I plan to try the 2 flagship products next – the Tanning Mousse and Tan and Tone Oil. Hopefully, I love them as much as I love the other products!

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How about you? Are you a fan of Skinny Tan? Which products do you want to try next?


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