Exploring Scotland – Bennachie

It’s odd to think how much you change in a relationship, but I think all the people who say you shouldn’t are lying. Obviously, stay in love with all the things you love, but I don’t think I ever would have done what I did today without the influence of my wonderful boyfriend – I hiked up a mountain!

All right, mountain might be an exaggeration. But as far as hills goes it wasn’t a nice upwards amble but a fairly steep incline across rough terrain. And I was hungover to boot (The words “Is it appropriate for me to throw up down the side of Bennachie?” may have been asked…). It’s definitely the most challenging hike I’ve done (although that number is pretty small and ever growing).

Apparently my talent is making the tallest hill in Aberdeenshire look tiny. But you see that point right at the top? I walked there!

If you’re new to hiking but fancy something a bit more substantial this is a surprisingly good, albeit challenging hike. It doesn’t take long, there are several route choices and the views are so worth the effort once you reach the top. My boyfriend insisted we park at the Visitor Centre and walk the Timeline Trail, and then mentioned halfway up it was probably the hardest route… Thanks! I had to stop maybe thirty times… But I went with no reservations about how hard the uphill climb would be, and made it despite my lack of fitness!

Honestly, the scenery you walk through looks like it comes right out of a fairy tale! And the further up you get, the better the rest stops get too! Starting up with a gentle uphill slope through a conifer wood, the path opens up to the heather-glazed, stone staircase pictured above. It’s steep, but after maybe an hour of carefully picking your way up a quite crowded route, you’ll make the final scramble to the top!

When we finally reached the top (or Mither Tap), I took a few pictures before I relinquished control of the camera to my boyfriend to be a typical blogger. Don’t judge me…

And it was all going so well until he found a better model…

We don’t own a dog…

It was really windy at the top, and I have a massive phobia of sheer drops (My boyfriend had to hold me by the waist so I could take some pictures). So we didn’t hang around! On top of the amazing views, I also got to hone my wildlife photography skills.

Thank you zoom lens!

The hike was amazing, but hard going, and I’m back home now praying my legs still work tomorrow, because my glutes were heavily worked out! I’m always so relaxed after a good hike, I had a great excuse to get my camera out, and my Instagram arsenal is filled to the brim. Perfect!

What are your favourite hikes? I’m always looking for new ideas!

Rachel xxx

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