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Disclaimer: This post contains a gifted item. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Hands up anyone who’s teenage self really wanted a pair of designer sunglasses? Me too! Thirteen year old Rachel used to stare longingly at the locked up display in Debenhams. And I know why it’s locked up, but I used to think it was so unfair I couldn’t at least try them on and get a picture!

Fast forward thirteen years (gulp!). Rachel is now (a fair bit) older. But she still doesn’t have the cash to splash on designer sunnies. So here we are, still staring longingly at the, now online, displays. In a world where luxury fashion items depict a pretty high social status, desires to get our hands on them are high. But if you don’t have the money and can’t stand the idea of grabbing yet another pair of Primark sunglasses that will definitely be broken or scratched beyond all wearability by the end of summer, I have some news for you.

Girl wearing Prada Cinema Evolution Polarized designer sunglasses looking into distance, stood in front of sea

SmartBuyGlasses are an online glasses and eyewear retailer who sell a mix of prescription glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. Recently, they reached out to me and asked if I’d like to take part in their influencer program. Let’s be honest, I’m not an influencer per say, but checking out their website, I was impressed! Top designer styles stock their shelves, and all at a great, discounted price. They also have the most dedicated search feature I’ve ever seen, letting you search for glasses by shape, size, brand, or even just gender. Their selection is huge. And it offers everything from Ray Ban, to Prada, to Quay Australia – basically the biggest sunglasses brands on the market right now. I always struggle to find the perfect sunglasses. So when they offered me a chance to review a pair of sunnies on them, and their website, I jumped at the chance!

The pair I ordered were the Prada PR53SS Cinema Evolution Polarized glasses. These shades would be worth a whopping £335 directly, but with SmartBuyGlasses can be purchased at a much more palatable £250.95. That’s a huge 25% discount. And yes, it’s still expensive (thirteen year old Rachel still couldn’t afford that!), but you can’t argue it’s a great price in the grand scheme of things, saving you about £84 of the RRP.

Girl wearing Prada Cinema Evolution Polarized designer sunglasses pulling glasses down to look at something out of shot

And let’s be honest, they’re worth it! Look at how pretty they are!

And, to be fair, Prada is a top end brand. Always fancied a pair of Ray Bans but not the price tag? On SmartBuyGlasses you can get a pair for less than £100. And that’s not the only amazing deal – the brand list is too large to really justify just how great the value of the glasses on SmartBuyGlasses are!

It might be autumn now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still sunny. Especially here on Orkney, where it alternates between blazing sunshine and rain about five times per day. I love my new sunglasses, and I take the best care of them. They came with a case, cleaning cloth and presentation box, so I know that even if they end up rattling around in the bottom of my bag, they are still protected from breakages and scratches. SmartBuyGlasses offer amazing glasses at great prices all year round. It’s perfect if you want a bit of luxury in your life, without paying the full cost of walking into a department store or designer outlet and having to deal with snobby staff.

Prada Cinema Evolution Polarized designer sunglasses set out with full packaging in front of window

I love my new sunnies, and I think I’ll be back on SmartBuyGlasses before summer 2019 to grab some more! Will you be checking out their collections? Let me know!


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