Blogtober – Comic Book Inspired Makeup – Day 2 – Wonder Woman!

Happy October 2nd! Carrying on from yesterday’s Batman Themed Makeup, I’m bringing you a second DC Superhero Inspired look!

If you haven’t seen Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman movie, with Gal Gadot fantastically filling the titular role, where have you been?! This is by far the best movie of the year, and is currently pretty much holding up the entire DCEU on it’s own (I’m praying that Justice League will at least be good!). As a movie about a strong female character, and directed by a strong woman, only one word can describe it for me; iconic. Don’t tell me the “No Man’s Land” scene, where Diana ignores every man telling her not to go up onto the battle field and does it anyway, didn’t invoke at least a little emotion from you. It was the first time I’d seen a female character look at a man telling her what to do and completely scorn his advice, and end up leading the men. The very first time a female character has not looked to men and asked “what do we do now?”. Yup, iconic is the perfect word.

So this iconic character was certainly getting her own makeup look, ASAP, in my series!

Although I love Wonder Woman, I’ll admit I haven’t read that many of her comics! Due to the iconic, strong, yet incredibly feminine nature of her character in the DCEU, I have decided to base today’s look on the costume in the movie. I love this costume – it’s not a star-spangled form of lingerie, but red and blue centurion armor, cementing Wonder Woman’s status as a warrior, not some sort of pin up. Again – Iconic!

Please excuse my wonderfully gurney facial expressions – I am definitely not as good as Gal Gadot at creating a warrior face!

For this look, red and blue was a must, but I wanted golden underlay everywhere. So gold eyeliner, golden shimmer in the eyeshadows and a shimmering gold highlight were essential. Over my red lip (MAC Frost Lipstick – New York Apple) is the L’Oreal Colour Riche Gold Obsession Lipstick, to even give my lips a golden sheen.

For my base, I wanted a more natural finish, so I opted for a tinted moisturiser and highlighted the high points of my face using concealer, keeping it nice and simple. I finished off with a bronzer-contour, a light pink blush and my golden highlight.

This look also features a muted red themed, keeping in with the autumnal colour scheme, and like yesterday’s look is actually very wearable! Sadly, I’ll only be showing it off for a trip to the supermarket, no armor included, but still!

What do you think? And who should I base a look on next?

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