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I’m pretty certain, no matter where in the world you are, you have a shop in your head that you always wish you could go into, but never have an occasion to. In Aberdeen, mine is Annie Mo’s. Annie Mo’s is an interior design, home, and furniture shop, that is every bloggers dream. And recently, they held an amazing bloggers night for us all to come and have a look. Finally! An excuse to go inside!

Annie Mo’s has stores in Aberdeen and Glasgow, and sells a range of homewares, from full bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture sets, to home accessories. The sets and items range from a cute, kitschy style, to more sleek, modern, and industrial. The whole place is a Pinterest board come to life! And I was very snap happy, planning out my future home with some of their furniture.

I had some serious sofa goals walking around this place. Not only were all the options stylish, but also huge and so inviting. I tried a few. Stylish sofas are one thing. But a sofa you never want to get up from? Need!

This whole set up had me swooning. The sofa looks amazing, and I can just picture it in a huge living room with big windows at one end, with high ceilings, white walls, and polished wooden floors. I just think it would fit perfectly in a big, bright room. And that coffee table is the coolest thing in the world! I want it!

Moving on to bedroom furniture, and I had enough inspiration to plan out the perfect bedroom for me, and also for my future guest room. I fell in love with this beautiful wooden and fabric bed frame:

The matching bedside tables to go with it are beautiful too. I sent this picture to Tom whilst I was there, and we had a serious discussion about buying it.

But for guest rooms, I love this cosy set up:

The classic wooden bed frame is perfect for a low key room, but solid and eye catching at the same time. I love the geometric throw on the end of the bed. I may have to get that for Orkney.

There was also this industrial style bed, chest or drawers and wardrobe, which I loved. The cooler toned wood fits perfectly with that Aberdonian granite. Only in Aberdeen!

And this classic, oak wood set up would make anyone feel at home. So that’s four bedrooms I need?

Home accessories also get a big spotlight. All over the store are big vases, faux flowers, candles, ornaments, and other beautiful accessories to really put some character into a room.

From statement table centre pieces:

To a more delicate, floral arrangement you never have to water:

There’s something to fit every room!

I also loved the candle and home fragrance selection!

Everyone was given a tin can candle in their goodie bag. Mine is in the scent Apple Blossom and Wild Berry and it is simply beautiful. I haven’t lit it yet, but can’t wait to see how it smells once it’s burning.

My final want is one of the many oversized clocks. I have a mantlepiece with a bare wall above it, and I know one of these will look perfect over the top of it. They all look so solid and reliable too, and, no pun intended, timeless.

Wouldn’t that just make a room?

We got to sample a few more local businesses in the form of food and drinks too. Angus and Ale provided a range of bite-sized food options. The mini burgers were incredible!

And new Aberdeen-based brewery Fierce Beer provided some of their beers for drinks, although I stuck to prosecco. We did get a can of beer in our goodie bags though, so I will get a chance to try that out soon.

So, if you’re planning to redecorate, overhaul your furniture, or just need a few new home bits, then I recommend having a look at Annie Mo’s. The staff were so lovely and genuine, and seemed to enjoy themselves as much as we did! The selection of items is huge, diverse, and just so stylish. They also ship across the United Kingdom, and go above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect for you and your home.

And if that’s not enough, you can also get 10% off using code rachel10! So if you have your eye on the piece that will make your home, act now!


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