Hi! I’m Rachel, certified science nerd, ocean lover, lipstick enthusiast, cat mother, and creator of Word of Rachel.

I’m currently a fourth year Marine Biology student at the University of Aberdeen, and soon be post-graduate masters student at Heriot Watt University’s Orkney Campus. The student life gets stressful, so this blog is my outlet – a place to speak my mind, be myself and talk about everything I love! I blog about a range of lifestyle topics, beauty products, and the student life. I’m always honest, opinionated, and 100% myself.

I started this blog after years of following other content and wishing I could do the same thing the more successful bloggers do. Typical, I know. After years of considering it, I finally jumped in! And it’s led me to more rewards than I knew. I’m a chronic anxiety sufferer, and this blog lets me say what needs to be said (in my mind, anyway). I started this blog purely as a beauty blog, to express a love of makeup and hone my beauty skills. Now it’s expanded to cover lifestyle, student life, and fashion – topics my readers actively enjoyed. I still love a good lipstick, but the occasional rant never goes amiss, as does the chance to review brands that aren’t just beauty product based! I also have the cutest companions, in the form of 2 ragdoll kittens named Peggy and Percy! If you love fluffy cats, do I have content for you!

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